Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Motorized and manual roller shutter

Screen door manufacture the highest quality motorized and manual roller shutter in Melbourne. The purpose of our motorized or manual roller shutter is to protect from break-ins, vandalism, harsh weather, noise and sunlight. We assured you to provide the best quality motorized roller shutter in Melbourne.

Manual roller shutter

In a manual roller shutter or manually controlled operation a Winder (short or long) is used to move the roller shutter up & down. It is manually push up and push down to open and close. It may be hand lift or by chain. It requires maintenance and manual attention.

Motorized roller shutter

Motorized roller shutter and automatic roller shutter are most popular and widely used doors and window. Also they are easy to operate and require low maintenance, less inspection and manual attention. Automatic roller shutter ensures the most convenient and safe means of control. As compare to manual operation shutter, automatic operation are more easy for opening and closing of roller shutters without rotating a handle or winding the curtain with the help of the winder or tape. Automatic operation is mainly used for big houses, offices or shopping malls with many roller shutters. It can operate all roller shutters simultaneously or one at a time with just a press of a button.

Screen Door manufacture high performance automatic rolling shutters in Melbourne. It comes with 7 years warranty on the material and 5 years warranty on the electric roller shutter. We also provide automatic electrical motors with various functions, power and control systems. Our automatic roller shutters are available with wall mounted push buttons and many other access devices

We also offer a wide range of motors and high quality Roller shutter parts in Melbourne. They are manufactured by using highly durable materials. We provide metal pulleys, switch gear, tube motors, spring range, winder box and handle, flange guide rail, side frames or head box, remote control units, etc.

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